List of projects I have worked on recently:

idospay logo


Fintech | Web Application

Idospay's mission is to help all small businesses suffering from low financial liquidity resulting from late payments. Idospay is building a network based on trust, meritocracy, and mutual commitment through a service based on open banking APIs.

alter logo


AI & ML | Web Application

An inbox management tool that consolidates and organizes various communication platforms like emails, Slack, Calendar, and HubSpot. With smart categorization, prioritization, and natural language search, Alter simplifies communication, boosts productivity, and reduces stress.

posto logo

Posto Social

Social Network | Web Application

The healthy and fair social network for people who enjoy real life, looking for a more balanced experience with a high degree of quality in the content provided.

aiutiamoci logo

Let's help, Piacenza

Volunteering | Web Application

A Firebase-based template to quickly deploy a platform that connects volunteers and needy people in emergency situations. Initially developed for my hometown, Piacenza, for the Covid-19 emergency.

tvsion logo


TV Streaming | iOS Application

TVsion was the first Italian app to allow viewing of any free-to-air TV channel, reaching more than 200,000 downloads and the AppStore Top 100 for more than 12 months in a row.

ilpoggiarellocosmetici logo

Il Poggiarello cosmetici

Ecommerce | Website

A Wordpress-based website created to relaunch a local winery and support it in online sales.